The Intact Farm Resort and Bungalows is more than a simple hotel in São Jorge. It’s a wonderful blend of natural landscaping and organic agricultural abundance around the farmhouse. We’ve planted vines to recover the old and famous Casteletes Wine. Between the trees and the vineyards, the Bungalows are relatively isolated from each other, facing south to better appreciate the view over the channel and Pico Island. Each bungalow is a mini apartments built from local and nature-friendly materials focusing on leaving a low environmental footprint.

We ask our clients to share our concern to keep São Jorge Intact.

The deck/porch is ideal for bird watching during the day and for stargazing at night. And with the surrounding mountain and sea view, it is perfect to absorb nature’s energy and do Yoga. Many of our clients have seen dolphins and some had the luck to spot some sperm whales passing by on the channel. Each Bungalow has a double bed, a sofa bed, a private deck and a private bathroom with shower. That’s why we say that our resort is different from a typical hotel in São Jorge. Our bungalows are mini apartments, nestled in the Azorean mountain with breathtaking views.

If you are looking for a place to get rid of city stress then Intact Farm Resort is the perfect choice. We took advantage of the surrounding vegetation, where each bungalow takes is balanced between hotel and nature.

A taste of nature

When you arrive at the Intact Farm Resort you will be embraced by nature, aroma and hospitality, rooted in the Azorean culture. The Intact Farm Resort is just a 5 minutes drive from the airport. But when we enter Intact Farm Resort, we feel its isolation with a breathtaking view over the channel and island of Pico. It is simply ideal for guests who want to visit the Azores, relax and unwind.

Sheltered by trees and denser vegetation, we have built an open kitchen and barbecue that our guests can use freely, feeling close to the surrounding sub-tropical forest.

Farm and Eco Tourism

Tourism in the Azores and more specifically tourism in São Jorge has grown in recent years, even during the economic crisis. Portuguese and foreigners seek ecological tourism, more connected to nature where they can hike along trails and visit the fajãs of S. Jorge. The Intact Farm Resort has the mission to boost this ecological tourism, protecting the island – trying to keep São Jorge intact.

Sao Jorge Farm & Bungalow is a unique place in a wonderful natural setting! We had an amazing time. The bungalow is very cosy and there is everything you may need, from the bungalows you can walk a nice path along the coast surrounded by lots of flowers to the village Urzelina. Grazie mille!

Manuela&Arnaud – Booking Review

We operate in a sustainable manner, having the natural environment at the center of our actions, promoting:

  • The regional economy
  • More awareness about our sustainability project,
  • Educating our guests, hoping they will leave Intact Farm Resort and Bungalows with a more inspired feeling to protect, preserve and heal the areas where they live.

We strive to give the example of preservation and protection of the sub-tropical forest and Azorean nature.

Keep S. Jorge Intact

The action of settlers and sailors from Africa, Asia, and America altered the primitive flora of the island. Combined with the agriculture and the pastoral activities, primitive forest got thinner. The Intact São Jorge project strives to preserve and showcase some of the places where it is still possible to see fauna and flora that the first discoverers found. We have created the Intact Farm Resort so that our visitors can enjoy the nature and the magnificent view of the ocean and the island of Pico. But, either introduced or primitive, the most important thing is to preserve nature intact in São Jorge. Whether on land or sea, nature is top priority for us and who visits us.

Help us keep São Jorge Intact

  • Respect local lifestyles and traditions.
  • Respect private property and close gates after your pass.
  • Do not make noise and do not disturb peace and wildlife.
  • Keep the distance of birds and other wild animals and observe them with binoculars.
  • Do not pick up plants, do not capture animals and do not collect geological samples.
  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Respect the signaling of protected areas.
  • Pedestrian routes should be used only by small groups at a time.
  • Do not make fire.
  • Each person is responsible for the garbage he produces; he must transport it and deposit it in suitable places.
  • Contact the authorities whenever you detect any irregularities.