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Plane trip to S. Jorge

Although we already sailed from the European mainland to S. Jorge, we advise everyone in Europe or America, who isn’t an experienced sailor, to catch a plane.

However, S. Jorge does not have an international airport where intercontinental flights can land. S. Jorge Airport is only for inter island flights. Therefore, to get to S. Jorge you will always have to use one of the 4 nearest airports:

– Pico, Faial, Terceira and S. Miguel.

Regarding low-cost flights, Ryan Air flies to Terceira and Easyjet to S. Miguel. Usually these flights are cheaper for those who do not need to carry luggage.

Sata/Azores Airlines have a FREE TRANSFER service for those who arrive to one of these airports. You just have to book your free ticket through this site and the flight is free from those international airports to S. Jorge. There are no excuses for not coming to S. Jorge anymore.

We also advise you to check the ticket prices of Sata/Azores Airlines, especially those who travel with children. The flight is more comfortable, the prices can be cheaper considering the amount of luggage that you intend to bring and the waiting times in airports are faster.

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Boat trips to S. Jorge

In case you want to visit other islands or if you are staying at Pico or Faial islands and you want to spend a couple of days in S. Jorge, then catch a boat from the Atlantic Line. The trips are fast, cheap and very pleasant.

If you are in Terceira then the decision to come by boat or plane is up to. If you have tendency to get seasick, maybe it is better not to risk it and travel by plane. But if you have an adventurous spirit, then the boat trip offers a different experience, where you’ll see the islands of Pico and S. Jorge from a different perspective, entering in the channel by the Topo and its islet. You’ll see the shape of the mountainous islands from the middle of the channel, sometimes with waterfalls from the cliffs into the sea