Best honeymoon Destination in Portugal

Despite its small size, São Jorge is one of the biggest candidates for the best honeymoon destination. The island’s natural beauty, adventure activities for couples to share and the best sunrises and sunsets over the ocean make St. Jorge the Azorean island perfect for a romantic getaway.

The Intact Farm Resort with the magnificent sea view is the best resort for “lovebirds” to start their fairy tale. In fact, if fairies existed, they would live here.

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Honeymoon in S. Jorge

If you seek tropical islands with white sandy beaches packed with tourists and confusion, then São Jorge is not the option for you. But if you want a quiet, beautiful and romantic place that will boost your love even more, then Intact Farm Resort is what you are looking for.

With us your love becomes even more Intact.

Some sites, like Ekonomista, place Azores as the best honeymoon destination in Portugal. There are many reasons, and here are a few:

  • It is still a natural refuge where you can enjoy nature in its most intact state.
  • There are wonderful and deserted places to discover where newlyweds will feel they are alone in the world.
  • S. Jorge is not formatted for mass tourism, so you will not find buildings and swimming pools packed with foreign tourists, but you will find fajãs and natural oceanic pools with plenty of marine life and crystal clear water.

Your honeymoon at Intact Farm Resort will be a magical experience, enhanced with outdoor activities, great food and a breathtaking view.

The green mountainous landscape begs to be explored and the clear waters of the ocean to be discovered.

If you want to visit more than just São Jorge, you can quickly sail around the Triangle and visit the Pico and Faial. There, you can grab to your friends that you’ve climbed the highest mountain in Portugal. In Horta you can drink Peter’s world famous gin, a mandatory stop to all Atlantic sailors since the 60’s and visit a volcano from the 50’s.


Best Honeymoon Farm resort

Intact Farm Resort is for honeymooners who want to start their married life with in an unforgettable place.

Let’s start with the Intact Farm resort facilities.

Our bungalows have privileged view over the channel and Pico Island in the background. The only thing we could do to incite more romance is having “Romantic” written on the door. They are isolated enough from each other so that “lovebirds” have the privacy they need. We didn’t want to make them luxurious, but welcoming enough so that the first nest of your love is comfortable.

The bungalows’ location is excellent. Two of our friends saw whales from the balcony of the bungalow.  The space between bungalows and the direction to which they are facing allows a lot of privacy in a comfortable space.

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Newlyweds share experiences such as hikes in the sub-tropical forest and explore the rich marine life. But beyond all activities the most important thing for newlywed is sharing moments, to best start to the commitment of a lifetime.

Some couples, who have chosen S. Jorge as the ideal place for their honeymoon, say that sharing sunrise and sunset on the horizon and starry nights are forever kept in their memories.

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Best time for a honeymoon in Azores

Although the Azorean winters are mild, don’t take chances with your Honeymoon. The ideal time to come is between May and October. During this season the nights are often starry and from our bungalows, when it is full moon the channel between S. Jorge and Pico has the moonlight reflected on the ocean. The days are hot and humid inviting you to swim in the many natural pools. If you want less activity, you can just rest in the fajãs or at your Intact Farm Resort bungalow deck.

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