Yacht Chater in the Azores

It is not difficult to understand why we love sailing in S. Jorge. We get that sense of freedom as we escape from solid land to the silence of cutting off the limpid Atlantic waters.

Dolphin and whale watching in S. Jorge

In our trips between S. Jorge, Pico and Faial, we can often see dolphins, but it is the fresh air that we breathe in the middle of the Atlantic that relaxes us. When we go to Graciosa, resident dolphins rarely forget to escort us during part of the trip. Not so often, but it happens, we see sperm whales.

During the construction of the Intact Farm Resort we have seen, sometimes, whales passing along in the middle of the channel. Some of our clients had the same experience.

The bungalows location is perfect. Two of my friends seen whales from the bungalow porch.

Nuno – Booking Review

But yacht touring is more than whale watching. For those who love sun, water, adventure and new experiences, sailing in the triangle (S. Jorge, Pico and Faial) is an experience that you’ll never forget.

Sailing for the first time

A boat trip and, in this case more precisely, sailing gives us also the possibility of seeing the island from another point of view. We can visit bays and inlets otherwise inaccessible. In these places the marine life is even richer than in the fajãs. Those who enjoy snorkeling will only get out of the water after exhaustion because they will not want to get out while watching fish of various sizes and shapes, starfish and colorful seaweed.

Those who never sailed before, can even, if you want, serve as cabin boys and learn some sailing techniques with us.

Don’t be a sailing virgin. Contact us.

Yacht Charter for experienced and sailing enthusiasts

Every year, sailors come to S. Jorge. From France to Australia, there are those who want to cross a little bit of the Atlantic. Some want to put more sea miles in the curriculum, in a relatively protected area like the channel between the Triangle islands. Others seek to develop technique and qualifications. But everyone wants to have fun and share their passion for sailing.

Don’t forget to bring:

  • Swimming shorts or bikini
  • Sunscreen
  • Binoculars (Whales may appear)
  • Camera
  • Diving mask and fins
  • Joy
  • A warmer coat (at night, in the middle of the ocean, it can get chilly)