How is the weather in Azores?

Many people say that the Azores have all 4 seasons in one day. Well, it can rain in the morning for an hour and then suddenly a warm sun invites us to dive in the ocean. But the best expression about the weather in São Jorge is:

If you don’t like the weather… just wait a couple of minutes.

The summers in São Jorge are hot and humid. During the day it may rain, but soon the sun shows up. In terms of weather, in our opinion, nights are the best. Rarely there is wind and rain, and with a mild temperature around 72° F, we often see the starry sky.

The “real feel” of temperature is higher than the “real temperature”. If the “weather girl” says 75º F, what we feel is something closer to 82º F.

How is the weather in the winter in the Azores?

Although São Jorge has the same latitude as Lisbon, temperatures in the Azores and São Jorge are much milder. During winter times, the minimum temperature is rarely below 57º F and the maximum in winter is around 65º F. Many foreign tourists, specially from northern countries, consider the temperature of São Jorge in the winter perfect to hike, to better appreciate nature with fewer tourists and, especially, to watch the full glow of the waterfalls jumping from the mountains to the ocean. Of course, because the islands are located in the middle of the North Atlantic, during the winter the Azores are occasionally hit by bad weather. But thanks to technology and new models of atmospheric forecasting, isolation has become a thing of the past.

Water temperature in Azores

clear water azoresSince minimum temperatures are high, the seawater temperature in the Azores is quite warm. It varies between 65º F in the winter and 76º F in the summer. Many locals and tourists go for a swim in natural pools all year-round. The temperature of the water, warmer than the Portuguese mainland water, makes it possible to see different fish and a more tropical marine fauna.